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Check out the vendors that came to our 2019 event!

North End Food Court Vendors

La Zingara- Garlic sausage with peppers & onions, sweet potato fries with garlic mayo, pasta with garlic & olive oil, crumbled garlic sausage wraps.

Lorie’s Lunch– Breakfast sandwiches, french toast, hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, coffee, water, soda, hot chocolate.

Tim’s Smoked Products– Garlic roasted pork sandwich on kaiser roll, coleslaw as a topping or a side, roasted garlic pork “parfait”, bottled water.

Indochine Pavilion Restaurant– Thai food- padthai noodle, garlic chicken on a stick, pineapple fried rice, sesame chicken.

McGrath Food Concessions– garlic parmesan fries, garlic parmesan wings, curly fries, tempura veggies, fried mushrooms, mozzarella sticks, soda, water, flavored lemonades.

Angelo’s- Fried dough; baked potatoes with choice of toppings- butter, cheese, chives, broccoli, bacon bits, sour cream; tater tots with assorted toppings; clam chowder or chili in bread bowl or cup; kielbasa burgers with sauerkraut & horseradish; taco in a bag; wraps- Mexican chicken or BLT; kids meal- nuggets, tots, juice box; frozen lemonade, soda, water.

Acapulco Mexican Grill– Garlic steak burritos, garlic quesadillas, wraps, nachos, & taco salad. Fresh squeezed fruit lemonade.

Romy’s BBQ– Garlic pork kabobs, garlic beef kabobs.

Spacey Tracy’s– Deep fried pickles with choice of dipping sauce (honey mustard, ranch, horseradish, buffalo style or melted Herkimer NY State cheddar); whole roasted garlic cloves with aioli dipping sauce; baked artichoke hearts sauteed with white wine, garlic, & Buttercup parmesan cheese; garlic burger, garlic dog, ravioli with ricotta cheese & basil topped with garlic butter sauce, deep fried peppercinis, tempura battered fried corn on the cob served with whole cloves of garlic and butter sauce, migliorelli fried green tomatoes.

Bill’s Mobile Brick Oven- Wood fired pizza.

Szabo Seafood- Garlic lobster rolls, fish & chips, shrimp & chips, scallop rolls, all served with coleslaw, tartar & cocktail sauce.

3 Chicks Grille- Garlic steak bomb with garlic sauce, hot & sweet peppers, mushrooms & onions; garlic fries bomb with cheese & bacon; bacon, blu cheese, & garlic on burger or grilled chicken; mozzarella, basil, garlic, & olive oil on burger or grilled chicken.

Macken’s Specialty Sliders- Several types of specialty sliders.  The Roasted Garlic: 100% angus beef, smooth garlic aioli, topped with roasted garlic slivers and cheddar cheese.  BBQ Cowboy: 100% angus beef, cajun mayo, cheddar cheese, signature BBQ sauce, and fried onion straws.  Irish Beer: 100% angus beef, stone ground mustard with light horseradish infused with dark stout beer, sauteed onions, and cheddar cheese.  Jamaican Jerk Chicken: modestly seasoned jerk chicken, grilled pineapple, topped with cool refreshing slaw.  El Diablo: 100% angus beef, sriracha fire sauce, cheddar cheese, & jalapenos.  Caprese: fresh sliced tomato, mozzarella cheese, basil pesto, & balsamic vinegar reduction.  Ice cream sliders: chocolate chip cookie sandwich served with choice of vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, or seasonal flavored ice cream.

Tilden Seafood- Roasted garlic chicken burgers, smoked turkey legs, fish tacos, jambalaya, lobster bisque.

Patruno’s Place- Giant meatball, meatball sliders, chicken parm sliders, chicken parm on a stick, rice balls.  Sauce, mozzarella, onion/ peppers available with all dishes.  Canned soda & bottled water.

Lucy’s Potato Pancakes- Potato pancakes & zucchini garlic pancakes.  Toppings: sour cream, apple sauce, or garlic tzatziki sauce.  Pierogi’s, stuffed cabbage.

Fork in the Road- Garlic butter grilled cheese on rustic bread- cheddar & monterey with tater tots & bacon on rustic panini; cheddar cheese & jalepeno poppers on rustic bread; chicken tenders dipped in barbecue or buffalo sauce with cheddar on rustic panini; steak & American cheese with sauteed onions on rustic panini; roasted pork with cheddar & bbq sauce on rustic panini; Fat Daddy- two grilled cheese sandwiches make up bread for hamburger, jalapeno poppers, chicken tenders, or roasted pork; mac & cheese balls; Cubans; tater tots- loaded or plain; waffle fries.

Lemongrass Grill- Lemongrass garlic chicken sandwiches, lemongrass garlic tofu sandwiches, white rice with mixed veggies, green salad with garlic chicken, tofu, or pork.

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Smoothies- Hawaiian luau wraps with roasted garlic spread, fresh fruit smoothies, limited coffee drinks & water.

Creamery Brook Bison- Bison burgers: garlic cheddar cheeseburgers, garlic cheddar cheese & bacon burgers; bison chili; bison Philly cheesesteaks; pumpkin, maple, & apple cider shakes, water, soda, coffee, tea.

Sundae Dinner- Roast Beef Sundae (roast beef, garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, sprinkled with cheese, topped with a cherry tomato); Turkey Sundae (turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, topped with cranberry); Loaded Baked Potato Sundae (garlic mashed potatoes, cheese, bacon, sour cream, chives); Vegetarian Sundae (garlic mashed potatoes, cheese, sour cream, avocado); gluten free also available.  Roasted garlic available on all sundaes.

The Mac Factor- Gourmet mac & cheese.  Creamy garlic shrimp mac & cheese; Traditional- a blend of assorted cheeses & spices topped with a seasoned buttery panko crumble; Buffalo Mac- buffalo chicken with ranch dressing; Caprese- traditional mac topped with pesto, dried tomato, mozzarella, & a buttery panko crumble; Chili con carne- traditional mac topped with homemade chili, sour cream, jalapenos, tortilla chips, & buttery panko crumble; Adirondack Fare- bacon mac topped with locally sourced maple syrup & buttery panko crumble; Italiano- traditional mac topped with a creamy garlic mushroom bacon sauce & buttery panko crumble; The Mariner- traditional mac topped with real lobster in cream sauce & buttery panko crumble; Southern Charm- traditional mac topped with southern style pulled pork & buttery panko crumble.

Christiano’s Mobile- Fried oreos & fried twinkies- regular & garlic infused.

Pasta Heaven 2 Go- Cavatelli- served with a dollop of ricotta and your choice of vodka or marinara; Ravioli- Cheese or scallion and garlic served with a choice of vodka or marinara; Piadina- Prosciutto with provolone cheese, peppers and a garlic aioli served inside fried dough; Antipasto- Salami, ham, capicola, various cheeses, veggies all cut into squares served in a cone; garlic bread with or without mozzarella served with marinara sauce.

Wild Bill’s Soda- 7 types of old fashioned soda including garlic vanilla, with stainless steel & copper mugs.

Everything About Crepes- Several varieties of sweet crepes, including: Cookies ‘n garlic- crumbs of Oreo cookies & graham crackers drizzled with a Hershey’s garlic infused dark chocolate; several varieties of savory crepes including: Garlic Chicken crepe- chicken breast, strips of red/green peppers, sweet onions & mozzarella cheese smothered in a garlic spread; Tomato Garlic Crepe- mozzarella & mild cheddar cheese, fresh baby spinach & sliced tomatoes with a homemade basil pesto spread.  Soft serve ice cream including garlic vanilla, milk shakes, garlic lemonade.

South Side Food Court Vendors

Big Enzo’s BBQ- Smoked bacon candy of various flavors, including smoked garlic; frito pie; bacon wrapped garlic sticks; burnt ends.

Cousin’s Maine Lobster- Lobster grilled cheese (Maine lobster, pepper jack and cheddar cheese); lobster tots (tater tots served with warmed Maine lobser, cilantro lime sauce, pico de gallo); lobster garlic tacos (Maine lobster served with cabbage, shredded roasted garlic, pico de gallo, & cilantro lime sauce on flour tortillas); shrimp garlic tacos (North Atlantic shrimp served with cabbage, shredded roasted garlic pio de gallo, & cilantro lime sauce on flour tortillas); lobster tail & tots (4-5 oz. lobster tail in shell, served with drawn butter & a side of tater tots); lobster quesadilla (Maine lobster, grated cheese, pico de gallo, & cilantro lime sauce served on a flour tortilla); lobster rolls, lobster bisque, New England clam chowder, Maine roots & whoopie pie.

Cookie Cloud 9- Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, milk, water, soda.

Poke Motion- Poke bowls- rice, noodle, or vegetable based bowls with fresh vegetables, pickled red onions, pickled cucumber, or pickled radish and raw fish or chicken breast, pressed with cilantro lime mayo, peanut sate, miso mayo or miso aioli sauce, topped with sesame seed, fried seaweed, fried garlic, & bits of seaweed flakes.

Master Asador BBQ- Argentinian style BBQ, all served with garlic chimichurri sauce- pork spare ribs with grilled potato salad & corn, skirt steak sandwiches with grilled potato salad & corn, Argentinian style sausage sandwiches.

Horman’s Best Pickles-  Deep fried pickles, deep fried wontons.

Grecian Delights- Gyros, chicken or veggie pitas with garlic pita bread, pork & chicken garlic kabobs, Greek salads & platters.  Fruit lemonade, soda & water.

Goomba’s Pizza- Pizza, garlic knots, garlic bread chicken parm sandwiches, soda, water.

Chopping Block Catering- Deep fried brussels sprouts with fresh garlic aioli garnished with pecorino cheese & fresh garlic.

Los Mariachis on WheelsTacos, burritos, nachos, tamales, quesadillas, chips & salsa or guacamole, rice & beans, churros.

The Tasty Empanada- Saffron chicken with a ajo blanco sauce; toasted garlic butter mash potatoes with adobo shredded beef; mojito braised pork with caramelized garlic; coconut madras curry chickpeas with chile garlic portabella mushrooms; empanadas (gluten free) include our signature garlic confit sauce and a side citrus salad; Arroz con pollo al ajillo: The garlickiest yellow fried rice with chicken and smoked pork belly with a side of sweet fried plantains (gluten free);  Our signature Cuban sandwich on an infused garlic buttered hoagie with braised pork, pickles, Monterey Jack cheese, smoke ham  with garlic confit mustard aioli sauce.

 Additional Food Vendors 

Keifer’s Kettle Corn

Micalizzi’s- Italian Ice & Garlic Ice Cream

Plymouth Kettle Nuts- Bavarian roasted nuts, frozen apple cider.

Dave’s Lemonade- fresh squeezed lemonade

Gunther’s Sausage WagonBratwurst on fresh baked Portuguese roll with garlic sauerkraut, soft drinks & water.

Crazy ’bout Crisp- Apple crisp with ice cream, apple crisp sundae, apple fritters, apple danish, apple dumplings, sliced apples with caramel, apple oatmeal cookies, candied & caramel apples, apple oatmeal ice cream sandwich, flavored hot & iced coffees, hot & iced tea, hot chocolate, water, soda, hot & cold apple cider, apple juice.

Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes Cupcakes & truffles.

Faddy’s Old Fashion Donuts- Freshly made apple cider cinnamon donuts, ice cream.

Roasted Sweet Corn- Fire roasted corn on the cob served with roasted garlic butter.

Meriano’s Cannoli Truck several varieties of fresh filled cannoli.

Extreme Concessions- Fresh fruit & pastries dipped in chocolate & caramel with various toppings, candy apples, drinks.

Green Mountain Concessions- Cotton candy (classic pink, all natural honey).  Slushees: Arnold Palmer & concord grape; garlic sweet tea.

Crooked Stick Pops- Handmade ice pops using locally sourced fruits & vegetables, honey, & maple syrup.

demitasse Specialty Coffee- Fresh roasted organic coffee (hot & cold), hot & cold teas, espresso, cappuccino, lattes (hot & cold), pastries.

Knot of This World Pretzels- Gourmet, fresh-baked hot pretzels with garlic mustard.

Diller- Fried pickles, okra rice balls, brined fries, meatless burger, egg roll.

Happy Cow Indian Eats- Chicken Tikka Masala- marinated chicken over garlic/ginger/cilantro jasmine rice with signature tikka sauce; Curry Chicken- authentic Indian recipe toned down for the American palate, over seasoned rice; Samosas- Indian pastry with spicy potato-pea filling, served with an original tamarind/date chutney; Curry Nuggets- marinated chicken breast covered with curry breading, fried, and served with blazin’ cilantro chutney; Falafel- scratch made falafels served over either rice & garlic naan or curry mac & tahini sauce; Fried Broccoli- fresh broccoli fried in a curry breading, served with any sauce or chutney; Curry Mac- four cheese elbows with curry; herbal infused limeade; ice cream.




2019 Vendor List

24 Peace
A Blend Above
Adventure Bound Family Fun Zone
Ale For Tails
An Average Jill
Andie’s Cookies
Annalyn Jewelry
Argusville Farms
Arlotta Food Studio
Artistic Vision Studio
Auntie Arwen’s Spices
Autum & Violet
B’s Hive
Babs Baby Boutique
Baker of Black Rock
Bee Fields Farm
Bella Alpacas
Benito’s Hot Sauce
Best Buddy Biscuits
Bethlehem Christmas Town Festival
Big Dom’s Relish
Big Sky Garlic Farm
Birdseye Woodcrafts
Birdhouse Accents
Biscotti & Beyond
B’s Cheese
Buried Treasures Organic Farm
Caltabiano Farms
Capa di Roma
Carlton Farms
Casa Del Caciocavello Farms
Casey’s Creations
Chase Hill Farm
Claudia Cormier Dried Flowers
Clay In the Potter’s Hands
Conbeer’s Farm
Copper Hill Pottery
Country Pride Cheese House
Courageous Creations
Create-A-Button/ Sand Art
Creatively Yours
Creekside Garlic Farm
Crowley Cheese
CT Society of Santas
Cutco Cutlery
D&R Crafts
Dafni Greek Gourmet
Dash ‘n Drizzle
DDJ Designs
Delavignes Gourmet Foods
Donna’s Sewing
Dorset Maple Reserve
Douglas Timm Garlic
DownBack BBQ
Drink More Good
Elias Designs
Emalyn Sweets
Extreme Peelers
Flame Licked Designs
Flying Dog Farm
Gemini Dream Jewelry
Glass Act
Global Spice
Goatboy Soaps
Good Doggy Treats
Goode & Local
Goodway Gourmet Bakery
Gourmet Creations
Graden Talun Farm
Grandpa’s Best
Granny G’s Creations
Grassy Meadow Farm
Grateful Daze Boutique
Gusto Della Vita Gourmet
Handmade In Madison
Handmade Moments
Hayden Creations
Healthy Express Naturals
Henna by Elyse
Highland Deer Farm
Historical Maps (formerly Vintage Times)
HMRC Pickles
Hogan’s Hope
Holdredge Enterprises
Holmquest Farms
Hope Valley Farm
Horman’s Best Pickles
Hugick Farms
I Want Pig Candy
Ice Delites
Iluminations Art Glass
Immune Schein
Italian Delicacy
Jamie’s Organic Candles
JD Gourmet
JDM Jewelry Creations
Jeijie’s Zoo
Jersey Pickles
Josie Porter Farm
Just Peddlin Around Too
K&T Pins & Accessories
Karen Burke PhotoArt
Kelly’s Crystals Etc.
Khayyan Specialty Foods
Killam & Bassette Farmstead
Knob View Farm
Laura’s Raw Honey
Let It Flo Studio
Lil Jewels
Lily’s Chocolate Paradise
Linabella’s Gourmet Garlic Farm
Lisa’s Soaps Naked & Natural
Little Farm on Main
Livin’ Country
Lori Davis Photography
Lost Ruby Farm
Louie’s Garlic
Love The Dog
M&M Boutique
MacDonald Farms
Mama’s Macs
Mapleland Farms
Maple Craft Foods
Mariaville Mushroom Men
Marjean Organic Garlic
Marvin’s Leathers
Meo Wired Designs
MKM Wood Kreations
Molly & Murphy
Mostly Nuts
Ms. Sticks
Naga Bakehouse
Northeast Corner Herb Farm
Northeast Woodworkz
Now and Then
NPCR & Crafts
Oh Fudge and More
On The Wing Bird Photography
Origami Owl
Oronoque Farms Bakery
Outa Jeans
Pampered Chef
Pappardelle’s Pasta
Pelican’s Pocket
Periwinkle Designs
Phelps Woodside Farm
Pit Party Products
Planted Organics
Popple Camp Alpaca Farm
Primitive Technologies
Quest for the Beasties
Quill Hill Farm
R&G Cheese Makers
Rainbow Kids
Renewal by Andersen
Richard’s Vermont Made Sauces
Ridge Runner Soap Co.
RKR Hot Pepper Products
Robert Oliver Woodworks
Rockerbox Spice Co.
Rolling Hills Farm
Rolling Rock Salt
Ron’s Beer Chasers
Roth Jewelry
Saar Lifestyle
Saltbox Seasonings
Sandy’s Soap Shop
Saratoga Crackers
Savor Fine Foods
See What I Saw
Shaul Farms
Shaun’s Garlic
Simply Charming ME
Simply Dip-licious
Simply Ghee
Skyspyders Pottery
Slate Expectations
Sport Hill Honey Farm
Sprinkles the Birthday Fairy
Sugar Maple Farms
Sullivan & Wallace Dry Goods
Sun One Organic Farm
Super Soups

Sweet Pea Farm
Sweet Seidner’s Bake Shop
Swift Farms
Tangled Treasures
Tangledwood Pottery
Tastefully Simple
The Cabbage Cove
The Garlic Clove
The Garlic Goddess Farm
The Healing Herb Garden
The Humble Bee Honey Company

The Nut Guy
The Nutmeg Fudge Company
The Olive Table
The Peanut Principle
The Pickle Guys
Tie Dying Mamas
Tilden Ring Toss
Tom & Adam’s Tin Signs
TJJ Sews
Triple R Pet Shop
Turkeywoods Farm
Twin Pines Farm
Twin Star Commmunity Herb Shoppe
Udder Ideas Fudge
Uncle Carney’s Bootleg Habanero Jam
Underground Truffles Chocolate
Village Center for the Arts
Wanke’s Yankee Hot Pepper Products
Watkins Products
Wave Hill Breads
Whimsical Olive Branch
White Buffalo Herbs
Why a Spoon
Wicked Wicks
Wild Coyote Hot Sauces
Wild Ginger Lane
William Wilson Wood Turning
Williams Garlic
Willy Pete’s Chocolate Co.
Woodland Hills Designs
Wood’s Magic
Wood’s VT Syrup Co.
Worldling’s Pleasure

WrenHouse Atelier
Yum-Us Hummus


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